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My Bio

I am an Australian who enjoys watching films and learning about the movie making process. I am a huge fan of fellow Aussie and film extraordinare - Baz Luhrmann! I am dedicated to reporting all the latest Baz news on my fansite, 'Baz the Great'. Feel free to come and visit at 

My Occupation

Baz Worshipperimage

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My Hobbies

Movies, especially those made by Baz Luhrmann! image My main hobby right now is working on my fansite, 'Baz the Great', and helping out at the 'Australia' fansite.

I also love travelling and learning more about the world around me and the people in it. image

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    RHPS Magenta

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    Ahh, but I have something better!

    I have a lil "My Sites" section down the bottom, banner and all! :D
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    RHPS Magenta

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    lol @ your occupation. I think we deserve a considerable pay rise. :lol

    profile is looking prettyful m'dear! image


    Reply from Vampvan:

    Yes, I am a certified Baz worshipper! image

    And yes, bring on the pay rise for our worshipping! LOL! Your profile is looking great as well - I was gonna nick the 'film noir' skin too! You should add favourite links though - gotta spam our sites everywhere we can! image

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    RHPS Magenta

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    lol, you evil woman.

    Lucky I didnt read this first or I may have rejected your 'friend' request ;) lol
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    Reply from Vampvan:

    Yay! I now have a friend on Yuku... Now it's time to start spamming others, lol image